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Thats the queue  
09:21pm 03/02/2007
life; death; taxes; confusion; illusions; betrayal; secrets and unsatisfactory beleifs... the meaning of life.
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(no subject)  
11:51pm 17/01/2007
I have currently decided that secrets are over rated.

Secrets bore into your mind and act like cancer. It eats away at your grey matter until the only way to capture some thoughts back is to set it free. Secrets are the only thing stopping anyone from finding out a true persona of a person. Secrets grow and cause lies and torture within ones soul. The problem is if you tell one person it's still a secret; you tell two you start to lie; tell three and your secret is sure to be told to more people.

Secrets make you feel dead inside; yet secrets can make you feel so alive.

Secrets can do a lot of things; they are everything that is nothing at all.

Secrets, my reality, my perception, my fear, my illusion... your uncertainty.
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tags: secrets
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04:38pm 30/12/2006
Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about how normal, but yet intriguing my family is as a whole. I have even discovered a few things about the past that i have never known thanks to visiting my Nana in Batemans bay. My mind has been intruded in many thoughts and I am actually thinking of possibly writing a book on my family, kind of like an auto biography but on a whole family... but at the same time i am hesitant.

Also I have been missing home heaps and can't wait to get back... mum and rod are having a silent domestic as they normally do and haven't talked to each other for a few days. This happens every now and then and my sister and I just sit back and pull the piss out of them. We don't know what else to do but laugh at their strange method of working things out. The funny thing is that it will just blow over and there will be no disruption to their course of life within a week or two (give or take a few sly comments shot back and forth). The whole family knows that there is nothing wrong with little arguments... plus watching the awkwardness they create if frikkin funny as not many people know how to take them.

Can't wait to get back to perth.

Bye all, That's my spiel for the week.

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music: Tom McRae
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02:20pm 18/12/2006
"If you love, bury it deep. When you talk, know that talk is cheap. Swallow your tounge, this is not your fight. It's braver somtimes, just to run."
-Tom McRae

Gotta love his songs!
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05:57pm 17/12/2006
I made blue Play Doh... thats right, ooooh yeah!
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05:48pm 14/12/2006
I must be cruel only to be kind;
Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind.
-William Shakespeare
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The Tree  
03:17pm 12/12/2006
A tree stood outside with it's leaves filled with vibrate colours. A nirvana of feelings poured from the tree (which is considered not to emote) and straight into my soul. It became a part of my day, it became a second in my life, it became a feeling in which could never be conquered. It told me never to fear, it told me never to feel scared, it told me to stand out from the crowd without any hesitation.

It didn't tell me, it showed me.

The leaves glistened many colours; reds; browns; and greens. Euphoric in its conduct. It waited for the years to pass by just to gain that centermeter closer to reaching the sky. It reached for its dreams, reach for everything it wanted from its slow, never ending life. It wasn't bashfull but rather did what it could to reach higher and higher.

The tree reached year after year after year. Slowly the forrest around him thinned out, slowly his friends became dinning tables and antique rocking chairs. But he was left behind. He was still alive. Slowly he found himself surrounded by bricks, steel and glass. Everything around him paved and humans rushing in and out of places they call shops. He was happy to see these creatures go about their day to day lives, and strived off the people forever pondering under him.

The tree died when he no longer had the energy to move. He had reached the limit of his life. He looked over many things as his last leaves fell to the cold bricks below. He was happy he stood out, he was happy he was himself.

If he wasn't himself and proud of it, he would be far gone by now, with a family using his dead carcus to eat off of.

He might not have made it to the stars, but what a life he enjoyed.

By Adam Leinonen

(mind the spelling mistakes)
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So much time to kill, like pigeons on my windowsill.  
10:14am 05/12/2006
Time, it makes me think. This is just going to be one of my random rants into a whole lot of nothingness which ends in a giant "Hhmmmm" from me; and leaving you probably saying "What the fuck is he on about?". I don't understand about how the human speicies is so abrupted by this thing called time; we are synchronised in how we work as a whole by it. I'm not saying time is not a handy thing; just that time seems to rule over us, as if it is an ideology within itself.

Day light savings time is an interesting thing aswell; interesting in the way where the debates on whether it is good or bad have continued over and over again. I'd like to say my point of veiw on it; does it really matter if the sun rises and sets later on our busy schedual called life? or do we just want to complain because it's not what were used to. Currently situated in Meblourne, I had daylight savings a week before most of W.A. It was interesting to notice how the sun goes down at a late 8-8.30ish, and was hard to get into that "ooh, time to go to bed" mood. Since then i have got used to it, i think it's great as we can go and have BBQ's, take the dog for a walk, hang out on the back porch with a few stubbies in the warm sunlight rather than being lit by "artificial" light. Good times, good times.

Ahh time, where do you go once you have been used up...
... and are you a forever reliable source?

Maybe one day time will run out out like other resources like oil and coal, they are fastly disapearing.

Maybe time is completly relient on us, like we are of Shelter, Food, Water, and other bare necessities... once all life forms are gone will time stop? or will it continue on?

In the end only time will tell.
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music: Pete Murray: Passing Time
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Art- Powerful Medium Art- Dangerous to the Mind  
07:22pm 15/11/2006
Well finally I have no homework to do and nothing to really set my sights on... so i decided to get into some pieces of artwork all day.

That might sound all fun and dandy but when I am painting i seem to go into this quite hermit like place where I become completely absorbed in what vision are happening in my mind. It scares me sometimes because all of my "creations" come out some what morbid and with blood coloured splatters all over them. I really wish i could draw some inspirational piece but i always seem to end up drawing fallen angels, lost figures and crying eyes... todays eye had a blood tear falling from it, which is my favorite piece in which i have painted so far.

I love my art, I love being creative, but hate when people look at me like i am weird for what I have made.

Some say art is a form of self expression, some say that it is exactly what hte artist has on their minds. If you knew me you would know that I am a happy eccentric person. But when people see my art and they don't know me they kind of do the...

"Wow... ahhh...hmmmm... that's a nice picture"
followed by a glare that yells STAB STAB STAB.

Maybe next time a person does that I will do the insane eye twitch and lick my lips... could be fun.

And to top the day off I have "How soon is now" covered by T.A.T.U which is pretty sad. Then again isn't all my music. (BAR KISSCHASY AND PETE MURRAY... GOD BLESS THEIR COTTON SOCKS)

Will prolly ttyl yall

mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: "how soon is now" - TATU (don't ask)
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Drunkish abit again  
08:23pm 11/11/2006
hey crew...

meh... in bunno, the night started off lame... now im heading to a new location with mates away from parental advisery, maybe i will get up to mischeif...

...then again i dont need to have a 6 pack to do that.

luv you all

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